M-BOSS Lite - Stainless steel embossing of the highest quality

The printing system is particularly interesting for companies with low to medium print volumes for embossed metal signs. Instead of ordering the pre-printed markers from an external supplier, companies can easily and quickly manufacture them on demand with the M-BOSS-Lite Printing System. The embossing process is quick, and even using the maximum number of characters, the process lasts less than a minute. Companies who own a M-BOSS Lite will save money and time.

With the M-BOSS Lite system, M-BOSS stainless steel (S316) markers are labelled quickly, accurately and legibly. The markers are very robust and withstand both extreme heat and harmful chemicals. With these properties, they are suitable for marking cables and pipes in many areas: for example in biogas plants where they resist corrosive gases, or in the solar industry where they are exposed to extreme weather changes.

The design of the new system is characterized by its small size, low weight (35kg, 77lbs), and standard electrical power source needs, making M-BOSS Lite easy to transport and install at many locations such as construction sites. M-BOSS Lite is PC driven and the software imports data from Microsoft Excel.

The M-BOSS Lite printer HellermannTyton supplies will print on four marker sizes (10 x 45 mm, 10 x 90 mm, 20 x 45 mm, and 20 x 90 mm). The markers are applied with HellermannTyton MBT stainless steel cable ties with a maximum width of 4.6mm.

Source: HellermannTyton