Leoni sells subsidiary in Bautzen

Divestment of non-core business


Leoni has sold the subsidiary Leoni Studer Hard GmbH with its location in Bautzen © LEONI AG

Leoni, the leading European provider of cables and cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries, has sold the subsidiary Leoni Studer Hard GmbH with its location in Bautzen, Germany, to Ionisos SAS, a French-based specialist in ionizing radiation.

“By selling this activity, Leoni is making the first step in streamlining the scope of its Wire & Cable Solutions Division. This process is part of our strategy to develop a more solution-oriented business model“, states Bruno Fankhauser, Member of the Management Board of Leoni AG in charge of the Wire & Cable Solutions Division. The plant in Bautzen, which comprises about 30 employees and two electron beam accelerators, is providing irradiation crosslinking services to third-party customers. Ionisos SAS intends to continue and further enhance the business.

For Leoni, however, the electron beam irradiation know-how and offering will remain an important element of its technology portfolio and value chain. For that reason, the company will maintain and concentrate its irradiation crosslinking service business in Däniken, Switzerland, and continue to serve its external customers. With its equipment in Däniken, Leoni is also able to provide sterilisation services for medical and pharmaceutical products.

The process of electron beam treatment allows Leoni to refine cables and other products, which makes them, for example, more resistant to abrasion, chemicals, solvents and temperature fluctuation.

Source: LEONI AG