Kurtz receives million euro contract

At the "Euroguss" exhibition ending on Thursday, the Kurtz company maintained their excellent reputation in the automotive industry in the casting machine sector. At their exhibition booth in Nuremberg, the company belonging to the Kurtz Ersa Corporation, received an additional order for two trimming presses from Europe's largest automotive group. Thus, the total turnover exceeds the amount of two million Euros.

When receiving the first contract at the turn of the year, Kurtz prevailed successfully against competitors and sold seven trimming presses with 100-tons press force each. Having a press force of 200 tons, the two newly-ordered presses - four column presses as well - from the Kurtz KPS line, are even equipped with double the press force. They have a sliding-tilting table that makes a significant contribution to process optimization in the manufacturer's casting production.

In the casting machine sector, above all Kurtz is well-known for their Low Pressure Casting Machines and they have been able to provide first-class references for thirty years. Since 2009 the company also produces trimming presses with great success. Clients do not only appreciate the technical advantages of the machines, which distinguish themselves by fast cycle times, low energy consumption and intelligent controls, but also the coherent overall concept which Kurtz offers.

True to the vision of the Kurtz Ersa Corporation "Our competitive lead in technology optimizes quality, costs and delivery service in our customers'production process" besides superior machine technology, Kurtz offers comprehensive technical knowledge during the machine selection phase. The results are perfect solutions for customers, which enable an economic, energy-efficient and repeatable production of components.

Thus, it is not surprising that the Kurtz exhibition booth was visited very well where a trimming press weighing 18 tons was displayed. The Kurtz Management was very pleased about this and was encouraged in their work. Furthermore, the great interest of well-known manufacturers (in the automotive branch) was very satisfying with regard to important future orders.

Source: Kurtz GmbH