Isolated 60 W DC/DC converter series

The converters in a compact half-brick format (2.40 x 2.28 x 0.5 inch) are delivered in a five-sided shielded aluminum metal case. The ambient operating temperature range of the converters is from -55°C to +95°C with derating.

The DC/DC converters PO60HB are available with a wide 4:1 input voltage range of 9 36 V or 18 72 V. The series deliver output voltages of optionally 5 V, 12 V and 24 V. The high efficiency is between 82 and 86% (typical), depending on the converter type.

Besides remote on/off control, the most interesting features of the PO60HB converters include output short circuit protection (hiccup & auto recovery), output overvoltage protection (clamp mode) and over-temperature protection. The input/output isolation is 1500 V DC (1.5 kV DC).

The main applications of the compact PO60HB series of DC/DC converters are battery powered equipment, measurement equipment, telecommunication system, wireless network, industrial control system and industrial control equipment. PEAK electronics offers the PO60HB standard product portfolio and customized DC/DC converters.

Source: PEAK electronics GmbH