InGaAs Photodiodes

LASER COMPONENTS expands its semiconductor production facility


InGaAs PIN Photodiodes © 2014 LASER COMPONENTS GmbH

Since 2004 LASER COMPONENTS Detector Group manufactures Si and InGaAs avalanche photodiodes in Tempe/Arizona. Recently the R&D division brought three series of InGaAs and extended InGaAs PIN photodiodes into production:

The IG17 series consists of InGaAs detectors with a response up to 1700 nm, the IG22 series consists of extended InGaAs detectors with a response up to 2200 nm, and the IG26 series consists of extended InGaAS detectors with a response up to 2600 nm.

All versions are panchromatic on a standard basis, which means that they function in the visible spectral range. Additional advantages include a high linearity, an excellent sensitivity, and a low temperature coefficient of the sensitivity.

Seven different housings are available including SMD, chip on sub-mount, and thermoelectrically-cooled housings. Uncooled versions in a standard TO housing are generally available from stock - at competitive prices.

The version with an active diameter of 1.3 mm is particularly noteworthy - it yields 70% more signal than a detector with a diameter of 1 mm - while retaining the TO-46 housing with a 4.8 mm cap diameter.

LASER COMPONENTS is strong in customer-specific solutions. These primarily include components with special coatings on the windows, which are manufactured in Germany using IBS technology and then metallized, cut, and soldered to the caps in Arizona.

The main applications of IR detectors include laser monitoring, spectroscopy, FTNIR, and contact-free temperature measurements.