High precision voltage monitoring resistor networks

VMN Networks are manufactured with Tetrinox®, Caddock's Ultra-Stable Low-TC Resistance Film System

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Voltage Monitoring Resistor Networks Type VMN © AMS Technologies AG

AMS Technologies is pleased to announce Caddock Electronics Voltage Monitoring Resistor Networks Type VMN for applications that need superior Transient Tolerant capability - while maintaining precision voltage divider performance.

These precision voltage divider networks are designed for use in the voltage measurement circuits of Power Quality Monitoring Equipment, Kilowatt-Hour Meters, and other Power and Energy Measurement Equipment, where precision electrical-service voltage monitoring is required.

Custom Type VMN Networks are available with Total Resistance from 1 Megohm to 10 Megohm; Voltage Divider Ratio from 100:1 to 1000:1; Ratio Tolerance from 0.01% to 1%; and Ratio Temperature Coefficient from 2 ppm/°C to 25 ppm/°C.

Please contact AMS Technologies Applications Engineering for assistance in defining a voltage divider to meet your specifications.

Caddock Electronics, Inc. manufactures precision resistors and resistor networks. Caddock uses unique resistance film technologies and process technologies to create solutions for performance demanding applications. The product line consists of over 250 models, including high voltage resistors, current sense resistors, chip resistors, high frequency resistors, rf resistors, load resistors, pulse resistors, and non-inductive power resistors. Custom resistors and resistor network solutions are also available.

Source: AMS Technologies AG