Genius 52UV makes its environmentally friendly contribution in Australia

A continent that is home to numerous exotic species of plants and animals. Where else could the issues of climate protection and nature conservation play such an important role?

That is why carbon dioxide reduction is a major issue, especially in the field of industrial print production, and is causing many printing companies to rethink their activities. One of them is IBS Design Resources, founded in 1996 and based in Nerang, Queensland, not far from the city of Brisbane. Just a few days ago, a second waterless Genius 52UV from German printing press manufacturer KBA-MetroPrint was put into operation there. With immediate effect, it not only ensures a wider product range, but also makes a significant contribution to environmental friendliness.

It was clear to IBS that the Genius 52UV in particular was especially suited to opening up new business ideas in offset printing and moving into a market in which the company, with a workforce of 18 could gain an edge over its competitors.

For one thing, the Genius 52UV prints with UV inks that cure in the delivery segment of printing machine immediately after being applied. There again, this innovative offset machine in B3 format requires neither water nor water additives such as isopropyl alcohol or other polluting stabilisers. The Genius 52UV thus enjoys the world's most environmentally-friendly offset printing process.

IBS wants to specifically expand its range of business and everyday office products, and places great emphasis on the largest possible room for manoeuvre when it comes to material thickness and job sizes. "We want to give our customers everything from a single source - and do so economically and in high quality. With the Genius 52UV, we now have the chance to react very quickly to very different market situations and can easily offer almost unrivalled economy and material flexibility, even with the smallest job sizes", points out Scott Siganto, Managing Director at IBS Design Resources.

The waterless printing process, together with the Genius 52UV's short inking units, means that only a few start-up sheets (paper wastage) are needed - in contrast to conventional offset printing procedures. It does not matter if 80 gm paper or cardboard or plastic of 0.8 mm thickness is processed.

"We were looking for an attractive printing system that saves time, money and above all resources, with no compromises in terms of quality of the finished printed product," says Scott Siganto, adding proudly: "and we have also managed to find such a system - in the shape the Genius 52 UV".

Source: KBA-MetroPrint AG