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Mechanical protection, insulation and sealing of cable joints

Gel cable joints for connections under extreme conditions

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RELICON Reliseal gel cable joints are available in 3 sizes for all common conductor © 2016 HellermannTyton GmbH

HellermannTyton’s RELICON Reliseal cable joints meet the highest electrical engineering standards and deliver optimum protection for cable connections. They are suitable for use in a wide variety of challenging scenarios and offer mechanical protection, insulation and sealing of cable joints in one work step.
Fitting the gel cable joint is surprisingly easy and straightforward. The installer saves time and requires no special tools.

The sleeve is prefilled with non-toxic RELICON gel. Once the wires have been fitted, the connector block is simply pushed into the gel and the shell then closed. The safety locking mechanism allows the joint to be reopened, for example for taking measurement readings through the flexible gel.

The patented cable gland system provides in-built strain relief and adapter seals for different cable diameters guarantee transverse waterproofing of the connection.

RELICON Reliseal gel cable joints are waterproof and tested to IP 68, 10 Meters. The polypropylene shell is resistant to ageing (DIN EN 50393) and weathering, making the cable joint ideal for reliable cable connections under the most extreme conditions. Application scenarios include cable jointing indoors, outdoors in the ground and under water.

Temperature-resistant up to +90 °C, RELICON Reliseal gel cable joints can be used to connect cables with PVC, PE, EPR and VPE sheathing of different diameters, dependent on the connector block type.

HellermannTyton offers the RELICON Reliseal gel cable joint in three sizes, delivered as complete sets consisting of prefilled shells, the patented cable gland system with in-built strain relief, adapter seals, installation instructions, a connector block and the appropriate hexagon key. The product has an unlimited shelf life when unopened.

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