Flex Wires Inc., the leading and complete source for wiring, cable, and tubing products in California, USA, has achieved yet another milestone. The company has recently reached and exceeded the total sales targets for 2013. The company is moving at an extremely fast pace in terms of sales for the year 2014, and is on its way to creating a personal sales record for the calendar year of 2014. This is the first time that the company will be achieving two consecutive sales goals in two years.

Flex Wires has been able to achieve these goals due to the hard work and determination of the sales and engineering teams, as well as the sheer quality and benefits of their products. The incredible sales year has been successful due in great part to the company’s revised and reinvigorated customer services as well as product quality.

The growing demand for quality electronic components has also brought up the importance of custom as well as unique standard components. The Flex Wires team has strived to ensure that they meet all unique requirements of their customers. This in turn has enhanced the demand for and sales of their products.

Speaking on the exciting chain of events, Mr. Matthew Morales, Vice President, Flex Wires Inc., said, “This amazing sales year is not just a success for the company, but for every Flex Wires employee. The incredible success is testament that our products can provide benefits of precision, quality, and durability to various industrial applications. The success of our product sales has motivated us to come up with better offerings and personalized services for our customers.”

The entire staff of Flex Wires is continuing to push the boundaries, and is ensuring that the company meets the sales target for 2014.