Find your proper fiber optic cleaning tool now online

AMS Technologies presents the "Connector Cleaning Guide"

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NEOCLEAN: Simple one push action cleans ferrule end face in device adaptors © 2014 AMS Technologies AG

For the fast and cost effective cleaning of fiber connectors and sockets AMS Technologies offers a wide range of different fiber cleaning tools off the shelf, including reel- and pen cleaners, stick-, pipe-, and card cleaners, spare parts and even complete cleaning kits and cases.

In AMS Technologies' webshop customers can order NTT-AT cleaning tools from it's NEOCLEAN, OPTIPOP and CLETOP series quick, uncomplicated and at a low price.

The new "Connector Cleaning Guide" lists the most common fiber connectors and helps customers finding the right cleaning tools for a variety of fiber optical connectors and sockets.

In the field or at the laboratory - for a quick and cost effective cleaning of connectors and sockets visit the AMS Technologies webshop and order a variety of cleaning and testing tools right from stock and on account:

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