FO BreakOut Cabling System for Data Centres

The mini FO cables are pre-assembled with LC connectors on both sides. Daetwyler Cables supplies them with OM3 grade multimode fibres (G50/125μ) or OS2 grade single-mode fibres (E09/125μ), each of which is protected by aramide yarn and has its own sheath.

With a diameter of 1.8 millimetres each, even the BO multiple cables are very thin: the external diameter of trunks with 24 mini cables is only 1.1 cm, that of trunks with 48 individual cables only 1.84 cm. The latter can easily be terminated in a 1U height distribution panel.

The pre-assembled BreakOut cables with LC connectors on both sides are just as easy to handle as pre-assembled copper patch cables. This means that BO System installations in data centres are speeded up quite considerably by comparison with other solutions, especially with on-site splicing.

The BO multiple cables are also characterised by very small permissible bending radii. Customer-specific labelling on individual mini cables and on the common cable sheath facilitates simple documentation and the clear allocation of connections in the distribution panel. The use of “Panorama“ building, technology and network management software means that cabling project documentation is available and usable even before installation commences.

The optical distribution boxes supplied by Daetwyler Cables for the BO System are OV-A models with exchangeable front plates, pre-assembled couplers (24 LCD) and two rear cable entries which can be either straight or angled. Because of the small diameter of the BO cable, the inputs and the strain relief in the distribution panel are provided by commercially available cable glands (M25). Cable dividers are entirely redundant in this FO cabling system.

Thanks to two cable inputs, multiple groupings are also possible in the distribution panels, for example 24x OS2 and 24x OM3 to 1U. Excess fibre lengths of 1.5 metres in the box make for easy replacement of connectors during servicing.

Source: Daetwyler