Electrical grounding hinge for switch gear cabinet doors

The new electrical grounding hinge (EGH) from Multi-Contact replaces the traditional hinge and the grounding strip and thus allows quick, simple and safe fitting and removal of the door. The ground connection is made automatically on fitting. There is no risk of forgetting to fit grounding strips or fitting them incorrectly. At the same time, the EMC properties are better than those in systems with a grounding strip.

The EGH serves as a mechanical joint and at the same time provides a ground connection between the switch gear cabinet and the door. As with a conventional hinge, the bottom section is fitted to the switch gear cabinet and the top section to the door. The ground connection involves one flat Multilam on each side. A third Multilam guarantees the electrical connection in the joint pin.

With an IP66 degree of protection, the EGH is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. There are two standard versions available for stainless steel and aluminum alloy housings, with versions for other housing surfaces available on request.

Source: Multi-Contact AG