Digital control and acquisition via USB

The USB-PIO of BMC Messsysteme GmbH (bmcm), longtime specialist for PC measurement technology "made in Germany", looks back on an impressive success story.

Regarding its use, customers again and again prove to be amazingly creative. Whether as part of experimental set-ups in museums, car-configurator stands at trade fairs, or for digitized city council votes - the USB-PIO always has a finger in the pie concerning digital control and acquisition.

The OEM version USB-PIO-OEM designed like a 40-pole DIL IC can easily be integrated in other devices. Within tight space, a USB interface and 24 digital I/O lines (TTL/CMOS compatible) are provided.

Compared to the previous model meM-PIO-OEM of bmcm, the USB-PIO-OEM is technically up to date, such as USB 2.0 compatible (full-speed). USB-typical features like Plug & Play and Hot Plug allow for easy installation and use of the module. Being supplied by the USB interface, further cabling efforts are reduced.

A significant improvement is the independence from the operating system. The OEM module can be operated not only with Windows, but is freely programmable on MAC OS X and Unix systems (FreeBSD, Linux), too.

The USB-PIO-OEM is 100% software compatible to the USB-PIO. Driver, programming interfaces (ActiveX Controls or DLL), and LabVIEW VI's are provided for free. Who wants to avoid programming, can use the module with NextView 4, the software for data acquisition and analysis. The 30-day trial (NextView 4 Trial) is included with delivery.

For testing purposes or to make own developments easier, the test tool USB-PIO-OEM-TL is available providing standard connectors for USB and digital signals. 24 LEDs allow for easy status control of single lines.

Source: BMC Messsysteme GmbH (bmcm)