Comprehensive range of interchangeable radiometric infrared lenses

Cooled focal-plane-array photon detectors of different types (InSb, MCT and QWIP) and of different formats ((320 x 256) and (640 x 512)) IR-pixels working in snapshot mode are used, also allowing to reach extremely high frame rates (up to 4,500 Hz) and also capturing slightest temperature differences of less than 20 mK. The thermography systems have been designed for high-demanding applications in the field of R&D, for non-destructive material testing as well as for process control

A well-balanced range of interchangeable precise radiometric infrared lenses covers the fields of telephoto lenses, standard lenses, wide-angle lenses as well as macroscope and microscope lenses. This again, allows the adoption of the field of view for nearly each measuring situation. All changeable state-of-the-art standard optics of ImageIR® can be equipped with a motor focus unit. It allows for precise, remotely controlled and fast motorised focusing and is part of a reliable autofocus function. Due to a diversity of microscope lenses detailed images of electrical assemblies and components can be taken even from larger measuring distances with a pixel size of up to 5 µm.

Source: InfraTec GmbH