Coherent introduces high performance, CW, DPSS laser

This economical, air-cooled laser provides a unique combination of high performance, exceptional lifetime and outstanding reliability. For example, the MATRIX 1064-10-CW offers a diffraction limited,TEM00 output beam (M²<1.2), high pointing stability (8 µrad/°C), excellent power stability (±2 % over 8 hours) and low noise (<1% rms from 10 Hz to 100kHz). Plus, the use of Coherent AAA(TM) pump diodes, (MTBF >40,000 hours), together with the company's proprietary PermAlignTM construction technology, guarantee reliable, hands free and maintenance free operation over tens of thousands of hours.

A primary application for the MATRIX 1064-10-CW is in trapping and optical tweezers, which are techniques widely used in conjunction with microscope systems in life sciences research. Here, the laser's excellent beam parameters, power stability and low noise allow for consistent, fine focusing, which enables precise specimen positioning and manipulation. Plus, the near infrared wavelength fits well into the "therapeutic window" from 600 nm to 1200 nm, thereby preventing deterioration and damage to living specimens.

The MATRIX 1064-10-CW is also useful for those marking applications where Q-switched lasers are not the optimal choice due to their high pulse energies. Examples of this are fine and micro-black marking of metals including steel and titanium, as well as thin coating removal.

Source: Coherent