Certification help eases entry into Mexican market

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has issued the first Normas Oficiales Mexicanas (NOM) Mark to a global electronics manufacturing customer entering the Mexican market In a global marketplace with multiple standard certifications, companies need to be able to go through a single third-party testing organisation such as UL for all their product certification needs in order to move products into the market more quickly

Keith Williams, President and CEO, Underwriters Laboratories said "It's a reality that in today's global economy the same product is marketed in many different countries". "As a result, UL's NOM certification process offers its customers cost savings and high-quality product testing, which helps build their bottom line".

There are nearly 2000 product categories, ranging from household appliances to electronics, that must undergo mandatory testing to the NOM standards by a nationally accredited body.

Until recently, companies worked directly with the Mexican government to test and certify products. To quicken this process, UL established subcontracted test data exchange agreements with testing laboratories in Mexico. The agreements allow UL to conduct NOM testing that can be accepted and used to generate a valid test report. Essentially, products can be tested in the United States for multiple marks including the NOM with results verified by a laboratory in Mexico, which means less product shipping, less management and faster time to market.

"As the world's 13th largest economy, we recognise that Mexico is an attractive market for global manufacturers" Williams said. "UL is helping manufacturers bring their products into new geographies quickly and reliably".