CANDOR was founded in 1946 and is specialized in cleaning & plating plants for wire and a supplier of chemicals for various applications.

The combination of our know-how in chemical processes and our advanced equipment for cleaning & plating of wire makes us unique on the market. We know how to clean and metal coat your wire!

CANDOR supplies both single- and multi strand systems for ferrous and non-ferrous materials and all plants are tailor made after customer request.

At WIRE 2014 Candor introduced the COPPERJET plant, a newly developed high speed copper coating plant for welding wires at high wire speeds with best possible quality.

A modular design makes it possible to satisfy a wide range of applications according to customer request.

CANDOR Sweden AB also offer:

      -  ULTRASONIC & ELECROLYTIC Degreasing and Pickling plants
CANDOJET HW – Patented Hot Water cleaning units
-  Electrolytic PLATING PLANTS for wires such as tinning-, coppering-, nickel plating-, silver plating-, galvanizing- for all sorts of wire materials.

Welcome to visit CANDOR Sweden AB at Wire China 2014.