Bayer MaterialScience joins Holst Centre

By joining the Holst Centre eco-system, Bayer exchanges its own expertise with the existing network of academic and industrial partners.

Together with leading players in the domain of flexible electronics, Holst Centre subscribes the vision of a smart foils industry. The vision describes a value chain that starts with materials and equipment suppliers delivering to manufacturers of smart foils such as organic light emitting diode (OLED) lighting, battery or organic photovoltaics (OPV). At the end of the chain are producers of smart devices who develop products by integrating foils with various functionalities.

Jaap Lombaers, Managing Director Systems-in-Foil at Holst Centre: “We are proud to add Bayer MaterialScience as a leading materials supplier to our existing partner network. Over the past few months, I have met with many colleagues of Bayer. I am convinced that their dynamic spirit and world class technical expertise is a valuable asset to our program.”

“We are committed to deliver improved films product solutions to our customers addressing new applications within the flexible electronics industry”, adds Bernd Steinhilber, Senior Vice President and Head of Functional Films at Bayer Material Science. “The partnership in Holst Center is an excellent opportunity for us, bringing together competent industry in the open innovation surrounding. The growing demand for increased functionality in the materials we supply is matched perfectly with the improvements we expect from this collaboration.”

To stimulate innovation and decrease time-to-market in this eco-system, Holst Centre aims at gathering academic and industrial partners from across this value chain around shared technical roadmaps. Already Holst Centre teams up with several global leaders and local startups to jointly develop technologies for flexible electronics such as OLED and OPV.