ADVARIS Informationssysteme GmbH recently presented their new solution for maintenance management. The “Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Module” is the latest product by the industrial IT system specialists, and manages technical plants over their complete life cycle. It supports the planning, realization, documentation and efficiency analysis of maintenance, inspection and repairs carried out on complete plants. Not only does the MRO Module take care of production plant availability; it also supports the maintenance of other facilities like testing equipment, electrical systems and vehicles. ADVARIS CEO Dr. Manfred Moser says: “The highlight of our new MRO Module is its seamless integration with operating and machine data logging, and with production scheduling. Using our mobile solution, even those responsible for plants at different sites have the situation under control at all times, wherever they are.”

One feature which enables users to react faster when faults occur is the real time alarm function. In case of a fault in a plant, ADVARIS MRO automatically informs maintenance staff via SMS. The machine operator can also directly enter a classification of the problem at theshop floor data collection terminal. Based on this information, ADVARIS MRO makes a proposal listing maintenance staff with the appropriate qualifications, and spare parts that may be required.

Activities for preventive plant maintenance can be planned automatically, while keeping maintenance work on plants that are actively involved in production processes to a minimum. In maintenance scheduling, ADVARIS MRO takes account of set-up times and planned idle times of machines, and makes use of these for upcoming maintenance work. The module also checks up on availability of spare parts. Thus if necessary their procurement can be directly initiated.

In the past 16 years, the system developers from Bruchsal have continuously expanded their expertise in the area of intelligent information systems. In the wire and cable industry the modular complete solution ‘ADVARIS Cable’ is already becoming standard for the sector. One core element of the solution is the ADVARIS Cable MES (Manufacturing Execution System). The new MRO module can be linked with the detailed planning, production control and machine data logging of ADVARIS Cable MES and can thus organize fault repair work while ensuring that plant availability remains at an optimum level. Conversely, the powerful statistical and reporting tools of ADVARIS Cable MES can be used for the analysis of maintenance data.

If maintenance data are combined with the data on orders, quality, machines and HR stored in ADVARIS Cable MES, an integrated system of key production parameters can be built up. “In this way, statements about cause and effect can be obtained which are only possible using integrated MES”, Manfred Moser explains.