AFL Expands Interconnect Premise Cable Product Line

Now encompassing up to 48 optical fibers in a single high performance package, this interconnect cable has an overall diameter of 4.8mm, is approximately 20% smaller than other similar industry solution's and is uniquely suited to support high density array-type MT/MP connectors. Integration of the all-dielectric strength members within the core of the cable enables the potential for direct termination schemes eliminating the need for bulky transitions that rob valuable space. Additionally, the round construction of this line of cables eliminates concerns over preferential bend radii in traditional premise-stacked ribbon designs.

The inclusion of OM3 or OM4 Laser-Optimized 50µm Graded-Index multimode fibers provides a high performance connection to meet the emerging bandwidth demands of 40Gb Ethernet or greater network architectures. For additional information on this product and other fiber optic cables and accessories, visit