25 years of WISKA SPRINT cable gland system

WISKA exhibited its SPRINT cable gland system

Image © WISKA Hoppmann & Mulsow GmbH

© WISKA Hoppmann & Mulsow GmbH

The new product line meets all the European requirements for railway applications according to EN 45545, particularly in the use of fire-resistant materials. Products, and their materials, that are used in railway applications are being tested in accordance with the new standard since June 2013, focussing on creating same quality standards across Europe.

The new WISKA Railway (RW) series offers a combination of multiple modularity with concurrent standard compliance. The RW series has been successfully subjected to fire resistance testing according to EN 45545-3 and thus provides a safe E15 and E 30 physical barrier in vertical and horizontal installation positions, with fire exposure according to the standard temperature / time curve (STC) as set out in EN 1363-1. The complete RW series therefore meets the highest requirements that can be imposed on materials used in the railway industry.

WISKA is one of the first European manufacturers to have successfully tested a complete series of cable glands in the differing materials of polyamide, brass and stainless steel to meet both this standard and Hazard Level 3 - the highest danger level.

The new RW series of cable glands is an addition to the WISKA SPRINT cable gland system, which stands for over 25 years of successful application, as the newest in-house development which, thanks to its modular design, enables a variety of applications with high component efficiency.

Source: WISKA Hoppmann & Mulsow GmbH