FAINPLAST Faraotti Industrie Plastiche S.r.l.

There is no need to go to the moon to find the best XLPO-HFFR compounds

Fainplast is proud to introduce three new halogen free compounds crosslinkable by Sioplas method (XLPO-HFFR).
These new products reach customers demand for higher productivity, easier processing and improved performance.

The properties of these new compounds meet the requirements of EN 50363-5 type EI5, EN 50363-0 type G9-G10 & M2, , IEC 60092/351 HF 90, VDE 0207 part 23 type HJ1, VDE 0266 type HXI1 & HXM1, TUV2pfg1169-082007 Solar insulation and sheath.

Let us take a closer look at these products.

HFX 525F

We improved processability of standard XLPO-HFFR compounds, creating HFX 525F, a new benchmark in the market.
Potential extrusion speed of cables produced with XLPO-HFFR has been increased by 25-40% with HFX 525F.



We've improved our crosslinkable compound for "difficult extrusions". Customers who use mainly PVC extrusion systems are now able to obtain a very smooth surface as well!.


HFX 500P

We have further improved our bestseller HFX 500S increasing its insulation resistance and flame retardancy. An excellent grade is today even better!


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