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AEI Introduces new Ceramifiable technology for Fire Survival/Fire Safety Cables.

TP0851 burn test

AEI Compounds Ltd. UK is pleased to introduce a new, innovative thermoplastic Halogen Free Flame Retardant (HFFR) compound, TP-0851. This is a new ceramifiable HFFR sheathing compound for cables built to preserve circuit integrity in fire situations. TP-0851 has been used successfully in emergency alarm, communication and lighting circuits. Other fire-survival cable applications are now being tested using the ceramifiable HFFR compound technology developed at AEI.

The ceramifiable sheathing material forms a strong char during burning, providing enhanced cable fire protection and enables the cable to function in serious fire situations. When TP-0851 is used with silicone rubber insulated cores the most onerous fire performance specifications can be satisfied. Traditional fire survival cable constructions using Mica tapes may be eliminated. The use of TP 0851 for cable sheathing in certain cable constructions allows improved cable production efficiency and faster cable termination performance.

TP-0851 sheathed cables have met the fire test requirements of BS EN 50200 for PH 120 and the enhanced BS 8434-2 with a 930°C flame and water spray with aluminium laminate tape screens.

• TP0851 has been tested to meet the following international fire resistance test standards:
o BS5839-1: 2013 Code of practice
o BS7629-1: 2008
o BS6387: 1994 CWZ
o BS EN 50200: 2006 PH30,120
o BS EN 50200: 2006 +Annex E
o BS8434-2: 2003 +A2:2009

• TP0851 meets the following test requirements:
o Operating temperature from -25°C to +90°C
o Excellent Flame Retardancy with Low Smoke & Fume & Low Toxicity
o Zero halogen, no corrosive gases
o Circuit integrity
The ceramifiable technology developed for TP-0851 may have wider applications in different cable constructions. Please contact us for technical and commercial discussions.

Backed by the company’s excellent reputation for quality, service, innovation and depth of experience in the cable industry, AEI Compounds continues to offer assistance to companies either through attendance at trials or developing customized compound solutions to suit customers’ equipment and final application.

Please visit us at Wire 2014, Stand 11-D46 from 7-11 April 2014 in Dusseldorf.

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