H&R ChemPharm (UK) Ltd.

‘H&R Look Forward To Wire Düsseldorf’…

When it comes to protecting cabling infrastructure the H&R Group are acknowledged as being the only manufacturer, in the industry, offering both water blocking technology, and dielectric fluids for the telecommunication, fibre optic and medium to high voltage power sectors.

H&R offer customers a robust and flexible supply having manufacturing sites in Europe, Asia andSouth Africa. These are supported by international technical and sales teams.

Within the telecoms, fibre optic and power sectors, both the utilities and cable manufacturers rely on H&R products which include;

- Insojell, Dijell and Naptel petroleum jellies.

- Optifill and Rheogel thixotropic gels for cable filling and flooding

- T Series of dielectric fluids for high voltage AC paper insulated cables.

- Napelec and ND impregnating compounds for MV AC cables.

to protect their cables.

Working in a true partnership with customers has enabled H&R to develop an understanding of the market and its requirements not only for today, but looking to the future.

This has lead to the introduction of a number of innovative products, including the H2000 range of hydrogen-absorbing gels for OPGW, OPPC and submarine fibre optic cables.

Additionally, in house innovation has allowed the development of Aquaswell liquidSAP, which has given designers and manufacturers particulate-free water-swelling coating technology, resulting in new cable water blocking opportunities.

Other recent developments have included the introduction of tracer technology solutions offering customers rapid leak detection in low pressure oil-filled HV cable networks, along with Strandblok, specifically designed and developed for the sealing of conductor strands in high voltage AC XLPE subsea cables.

The H&R product portfolio will be showcased on Stand 12C66 at Wire’14 where the H&R Team will be available to discuss how the products may benefit visitor’s application requirements.

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