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The strong and open relationships that we are lucky to establish with our customers allow us to develop every day equipment that are targeted to solve the most complicated situations.

Therefore, during these last years, we have designed complete wrapping and sealing equipment for TWINAX cables at dimensions that were not yet presented in the marked: 34 AWG (0,160 mm dia.). At the same time WTM has improved the taping line for screening coaxial cables with silver–plated copper thus allowing its customer to reach tremendously high frequencies, that were not possible until two years ago. Finally, always oriented to the up-to-date technology, WTM has introduced a new single twisting machine with a particular flexibility to produce both high CATEGORY cables and cables for other uses such as: high flexibility cables, signal cables (encoder), cables for robotic industry and suitable for overhead laying ones.

At our stand 11D78, we will display:

- a WORKING horizontal line for coaxial cable screening that will be equipped with newly designed single-shaft payoff and take-up units both traversing in two axis, self-aligning and self-leveling, to maintain the cables path absolutely straight. With a technologically advanced torque management the cable tension is controlled in feedback and adjusted in real time. The line will be equipped with the WTM’s VISIO SYSTEM to magnify the wrapping point thus enabling a more sophisticated visual control.

- a second horizontal wrapping module suitable to use PTFE tape, the most critical part for aerospace cables.

Both the shown heads are equipped with the characteristic DYNAMIC DANCE, developed by WTM, for greater accuracy of the tape tension control. Thanks to their flexibility, these heads are also suitable for any other kind of tape.

Another interesting machine that WTM will show is a single torsion twisting unit. The particular feature of this machine allows to produce high category LAN cables such as CAT 5/6/7/7a/8. In addition, thanks to the particular feature, this unit can produce also other kinds of precise cables, like high flexibility cables, signal cables (encoder), cables for robotic industry and suitable for overhead laying ones.

Another important application that we can discuss is the wrapping of the TWINAX cables. Only in the 2015 WTM has sold 9 lines and some of them for cables down to 34 AWG! The quality of such cables, said from the customer, allowed the final user to double the data transmission speed.

Come to see our machines, and feel our dedication and commitment to improve continuously the solutions you are looking for!

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