Clinton Instrument Company

New Addition to STCAL Spark Test Calibration System

The Clinton Instrument Company introduces an addition to the STCAL Spark Test Calibration System: the SM Sensitivity Module. This equipment checks the spark tester’s fault detection sensitivity and assures compliance with EN50356 (IEC/CEI 62230). The unit utilizes a rotating spark gap that controls arc duration and gap distance. When the test is initiated, the SM produces a specific number of controlled faults, which the spark tester must correctly identify to meet the norm. Once the procedure begins, the SM completes the specified number of faults without additional operator input. The Sensitivity Module works with High Frequency, Power Mains Frequency, and DC spark testers of any manufacturer. The SM is compact and portable, making it easy to check spark testers while they are installed on the wire line. The operator simply selects the type of spark tester to be checked; he will then have visual confirmation via a front panel digital display of the detection current and number of faults produced.

The SM is offered as an accessory to the STCAL Spark Test Voltage Calibration System, which performs voltage calibrations of the most common spark test units including AC (mains and high frequency) and DC equipment, easily calibrating spark test voltages up to 30KV AC and 40KV DC. The operator interface is a Windows 8 tablet computer that controls the process and can download the Calibration Certificate to a memory stick through the onboard USB port. The certificate can then be printed and kept for historical use in any computer.

Combined use of the STCAL Spark Test Calibration System and SM Sensitivity Module assures the operator that the spark tester complies with all known specifications.

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