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New products and technical studies


Uhing presents novelties and practical studies on the Wire Fair

Joachim Uhing GmbH & Co. KG comes with new product models and fascinating studies in the luggage to this year's Wire fair, taking place in Düsseldorf on April 7 - 11.Manufacturers and operators of wire, cable and glass fibre machines will equally profit from a visit to the Uhing booth.

One model Uhing exhibits in its booth is a simple winding assembly.It lets you very easily synchronise the winding speed of the spool and the traversing speed without requiring electronic components.

The next assembly is an exciting rolling ring study demonstrating how the linear running mso-ansi-language: EN-GB;" lang="EN-GB">A wide range of stroke speeds can be set almost continuously with the shaft rotating at a constant speed.The pitch can be changed with a stepping motor controlled by data from connected sensors or by direct user input.

Another rolling ring gear attraction showcased on the Wire is a solution for travelling winders.This offer specifically addresses manufacturers of winding material that must not be deformed during traversing.

The non-contact flange detecting system is another outstanding invention of the engineering company headquartered in Schleswig-Holstein renowned for its rolling ring drives.FA II, the second generation of this system, will be rolled out in Düsseldorf.A new feature is the ability of automatically detecting the straight or other than 90 degrees.FA II automatically adapts to the new margin-right: 106.2pt; margin-bottom: 6.0pt; margin-left: 0cm; ">The system is designed for handling round material with diameters from 0.1 – 2.0 mm to be wound on cylindrical spools.It can be used for rectangular or conical flanges up to an angle of 40°.As bent flanges are compensated for, the spools can be filled entirely.

The “RS Sand” study involving a linear drive nut will certainly find its admirers.It proves:The linear drive nut operates smoothly and without being damaged even if it is permanently surrounded by dirt such as very fine sand.

“As the linear drive nut can be sealed perfectly, it is also suitable for application in environments with high hygiene requirements,” explains Wolfgang Weber, Uhing’s Managing Marketing Director:“Like with the linear drive nut, we strive at meeting as many requirements as possible with the standard variants of all our products.”

You can meet Joachim Uhing GmbH & Co. KG on the bi-annual leading fair of the wire and cable industries in hall 11, booth B 40.

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