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Business Invitation - Assembly Efficiency

Fastener Assembly Machine

Dusseldorf Wire 2014 - Advanced fastener solution
Date: 2014, Apr 7~11, Stand No.: 15B24-1
Company: UTA

The fastener producers are facing the diverse challenges among the material, labor and delivery. UTA offers the advanced assembly machine with less labor, less space and higher efficiency.

UTA team helps fastener makers project the "in-line solution" from assembly, optical sorting, counting to package. We’re dedicated to engineering the cost-effect solution in assembly production. It’s the advanced thought from the traditional production. With the integration, you can make the delivery be more accurate.

The machine range is extensive and designed to the CE directives and other safety requirements. Various markets are covered by the different models –

Blind Rivet Assembly - open type, split type, multi-grip, mono-bolt, mega-lock, structural type...
Nail and Screw Assembly - roofing nail, concrete nails, collated screws…
Washer Assembly onto fasteners – roofing washers, sliced rubber washers….
Electrical Terminal Connector Equipment – terminal brazing, terminal assembly, strip terminals
Cable Clip Assembly - single nail, dual nails with plugs.
In-line Optical Sorting, Counting and Boxing Units – connected with UTA assembly machines.

The modular design ensures that if subsequent similar equipment is purchased, it will be easy to maintain with a minimum spares stock. Bespoke systems can be designed to be incorporated into the production process if required.

We’re at the 15B24-1, Dusseldorf Wire, from Apr 7 to 11 in 2014. From now on, please feel free to tell us your concerns via or call for a meeting during the exhibition.

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