Easy-machining special steels at wire 2014: Ugitech presents new UGIMA® stainless steel solutions

The easy-machining special steels UGIMA® increase the productivity in machining operations by 10 % to 50 % depending on the grade.

Long tool life, 10 % to 50 % increase in productivity in machining operations depending on the steel grade and excellent component surface quality - made possible by the stainless steels of the UGIMA® product family. At wire 2014, Ugitech, a company of the SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH GROUP, will spotlight the new stainless steels UGIMA® 4005 and UGIMA® 4509 for applications in the automotive and process industry at the Group's shared exhibition stand number A16 in hall 17. Additional highlights of the fair are welding wire for exhaust pipes as well as new Lean Duplex and Super Duplex steels.

"We developed the UGIMA® special steel grades to achieve maximum output in the production of precision parts," explains Marc Marticou, Business Development Manager at Ugitech. The new martensitic stainless steel UGIMA® 4005 is ideal for components used in the automotive and process industries. With a chromium content of 12 % to 14 % and specific oxide inclusions, it is easy to machine and has excellent mechanical properties at the same time. UGIMA® 4005 is an economic alternative to conventional stainless steel 1.4005. Unlike the standard grade, the UGIMA® steel supports cutting speeds of up to 500 m/min depending on the type of tool. Users profit from a productivity increase of 30 % to 50 % at constant tool life.
The new ferritic UGIMA® 4509 is at its best in components for the automotive industry that are subjected to high temperatures. Resistant to intergranular corrosion, it remains stable even at high temperatures like those produced in exhaust pipes. Ugitech has improved machinability by means of specific precipitates that result in short-length chips. The result: the cutting speed can be raised by 20 % to 40 % for drilling deep holes. The behavior of the steel in turning operations has also been optimized. "For economic manufacture and high-quality components, we advise users and help them select the right material as well as to set the ideal cutting parameters," reports Mr. Marticou.

In addition to UGIMA®, Ugitech will introduce the new Exhaust® Bi.Stab welding wire for exhaust pipes stabilized with Titanium and Niobium. The new corrosion-resistant Lean Duplex grades 1.4362 and 1.4062 and the new Super Duplex grades 1.4507 and 1.4410 will also be a point of focus. Ugitech will give presentations on the showcased steel solutions twice daily from April 8 to 10 at stand A16 in hall 17. Interested visitors can obtain more information at wire 2014 in Düsseldorf or in advance at www.ugitech.com.

Dimensions and As-delivered condition UGIMA®:
Steel bar, drawn:
2.0 to 28.0 mm diameter, tolerance: standard h9 to h6, on request
Steel bar, peeled:
22.0 to 130.0 mm diameter, tolerance: standard h10 to h6, on request
Drawn wire:
1.0 to 14.0 mm diameter, tolerance: standard h9 to h6, on request
Wire rod:
5.0 to 32.0 mm diameter, in coils of 1 ton


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