Candor Sweden A/B

High speed copper coating plant

Copper coating of welding wire

CANDOR has developed it’s design for high speed copper coating of welding wires, the COPPERJET technology, with a modular pre-treatment section to suit each customers drawing application. Further has a lot of attention been focused on the ability to run at high speed.

The new version of COPPERJET is designed for cleaning and copper plating welding wires in the diameter range Ø0,6-1,6 mm and wire speed range 15-30 m/s for standard copper coating. The plant is available also for Sub Arc Wire in both straight and loop type versions.

The pre-treatment is flexible and different technologies can be chosen to suit the actual application in best way such as CANDOJET HW hot water spray cleaning or electrolytic bipolar pickling.

In the plants supplied by CANDOR but also other plant we recommend the usage of the CANDOR Inhibitor E1 for improved welding performance. The Inhibitor E1 is used worldwide today due to it’s very positive effects on a copper sulphate bath such as:

-less attack on the steel wire eg longer lifetime of the copper bath

-less flaking and peel off

-better lubrication in the welding nozzles

-fine grain uniform copper deposit

Exhibitor Data Sheet