ARTOFIL, Your partner in waterswellable Yarns

Since 1951, The manufacturer of High Performance Yarns and the inventor of waterswellable spun Yarns and UV-cured Coated Yarns.

ARTOFIL makes waterswellable Yarns for the fiber optic and copper telecom cable industry in a complete range of Fine-, Filler-, and Binder Yarns to make it possible fo the cable manufacturers to offer a full dry-dry cable solution.

The R&D team at ARTOFIL have developed waterswellable Yarns, combining the unique properties of tensile strength and temperature stability even in seawater applications to meet the market needs.

ARTOFIL's waterblocking spun Yarns are also a proven cost-effective waterblocking solution, succesfully applied in power cables and fully comply with all LV, MV, (E)HV product testing standards.

ARTOFIL's products today are sold in 45 countries by a team of experts who like to understand your specific needs to be able to offer you a FIT FOR PURPOSE COST EFFECTIVE PRODUCT SOLUTION.

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