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MG950, the newest mesh welding machine from Schlatter Industries AG

System MG950 - Industrial Mesh Welding Machine

MG950, the newest mesh welding machine from Schlatter Industries AG

The new MG950 system is a mesh welding machine developed by Schlatter Industries AG, which is designed primarily for the production of industrial mesh. The aim was to broaden the product portfolio with a welding machine that is flexible in relation to various mesh geometries, achieves high production speeds and exhibits the highest quality right from the first mesh.


Economical production of complex meshes

More and more additional functions, for example plug-in connectors for the connection of meshes, are integrated into the welded mesh during the production of wire meshes. As a result, the manufacture of such meshes also becomes increasingly complex and there are growing demands on accuracy. The graduation tolerances of the functional wires in particular are very demanding. The newly developed industrial mesh welding machine MG950 provides line wire feeds for this purpose, which are rigid and quickly adjustable.

Two different power levels are available on the new MG950 at the same time, which facilitates the economical production of complex meshes. This means that different wire diameters can be welded at once. Even if differences in the narrowness of gradations mean that varying numbers of line wires must be welded per welding press, these can be welded at the same time.


First mesh ready for sale

Lotsizes continue to shrink and manufacturers of wire products can no longer afford to generate waste. This occurs during the production of the first few meshes - caused only by the need to optimise the settings. The measuring system of the new MG950 remedies this situation. When using this measuring system, the line wire feeds can be precisely positioned according to the mesh that has been programmed. It is therefore possible to produce the desired quality right from the first mesh, by using the built-in welding assistant. As a result, productivity is significantly higher for small lot sizes when using the newly developed welding machine MG950 compared to traditional industrial mesh welding machines.

For recurring products, a new computer system is available for the line wire feeds. This offers the advantage that only those line wire magazines that are in a different position must be moved in case of similar products.


Low cost investment for the production of edged meshes

Many products are trimmed along the cross wire, for example oven racks, cable trays, meshes using in shop fitting and so on. For the first time, the trimming heads can be mounted directly behind the welding machine. This means that an additional trimming station with integrated linear pull-out is no longer required.



Market entry is made easy with a low cost, simple yet expandable plant, based on the proven modular design principle of Schlatter plants. The wide range of additional modules and options guarantees a customer focused expansion, all the way to automatic production plants that produce very high quantities in a short time with minimum personnel required.

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