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Non-contact temperature measurement system is maintenance-free, accurate and fast

The lune CHF (Convective Heat Flow) measurement system (here with slotted sensor head) records temperatures ranging between 10 and 250°C (50° - 482°F) and offers a maintenance-free solution suitable for continuous operation without susceptible optics.

Neuss, 17 January 2014 – Many manufacturing processes require the precise measurement and monitoring of the process and product temperatures to ensure high-quality levels. For the continuous temperature measurement of moving, structured, round or flat measuring objects, such as wires, profiles, cables, foils, pipes, rollers or belts, Germany-based lune Prozesstechnik GmbH has developed a non-contact surface temperature measuring system which does not require any optics.

The lune CHF (Convective Heat Flow) measurement system records temperatures ranging between 10 and 250°C (50° - 482°F) and offers a maintenance-free solution suitable for continuous operation. In contrast to common optical IR-measurement systems, the lune CHF is independent of emission factors, colour, speed, surface structure and varying distances between sensor head and surface. The system is wear-free as there are no moving parts. Moreover, the lune CHF features an automatic calibration system, so the user only needs to set the reference temperature.

CHF measurement is physically based on the detection of the convective heat flow by means of a heat flow sensor. The heat flow develops between two different objects with diverging temperatures. The bipolar measurement signal of the sensor is proportional to the temperature difference between the sensor head on the one hand and the measurement object on the other hand. The integrated, set reference temperature allows the output of the temperature difference for highly precise temperature control. The extremely fast heat flow sensors react within milliseconds with a system time constant of < 1s. Additionally, the system is very rigid and robust.

The CHF system features a range of sensor heads for cable, wire, profiles, sheets or rollers among others. For wires, customers can choose between the slotted head Wiretemp LC (ø 0.2 - 1.9 mm), equipped with four sensors, and the closed version, the Wiretemp (ø 0.075 - 7 mm), featuring eight sensors. For profiles, cables and pipes, the slotted Multitemp head with two sensors is suitable for diameters between 3.6 and 100 mm. The slotted heads can be easily and quickly assembled and mounted as the complicated threading of the wire and cable is eliminated.

The lune system comes with an RS422 interface and powerful electronics. Measurement and operating functions are strictly separated. A microcontroller, which is independent from the panel PC, transfers the data to the panel PC. A second serial interface allows the connection of a customer PLC.

With the CHF system, Lune Prozesstechnik has further redeveloped the well-known Luxtron / Ircon measurement system, which ceased distribution in 2008. The powerful lune CHF electronics are suitable for the connection of Luxtron / Ircon sensor heads, and lune Prozesstechnik GmbH offers global repair and calibration services for all CHF sensor heads manufactured by Luxtron and Ircon. Lune also develops customised and industry-specific sensor heads.

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