General Inspection, LLC

General Inspection is pleased to introduce the NEW Gi-360 T

Images of before and after tilt is applied

The benefits of the NEW Gi-360T are:

  • Improved repeatability and accuracy

  • Better part anchoring points

  • Tilts 15 degrees forward and 3 degrees back

  • Improved spacing and positioning of stations - more scan time to authenticate results

  • Enhanced Software

The Laser Gauging aspect of the Gi-360T consists of eight laser beams checking dimensional values of the part, such as: Missing Washer, Straightness, Thread Measurements, Damaged threads, oversized flange, Shank length, Perpendicularity, Poor corners, Undersized corners. Defects detected plus the data provided by the Gi-360T are used to improve the manufacturing process. The results are: reduction in variation, improved profitability and delivery of zero defects.

Bring your samples and come see latest patented laser gauging technology available at the WIRE 2014. Booth #15G18

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