Erocarb S.A.

Erocarb at the Wire 2016

Crosshead E12BF11 for Fluoropolymer Extrusion with ETEL

The EROCARB extrusion equipment shown at the Wire 2016 is dedicated for products from 2 to 200mm and various applications: insulation, sheathing/jacketing, filling-sheathing, triple layer CV line, flat ribbon insulation, medical and irrigation tube.

These crossheads are equipped with centring devices suited for the specific production line. Customers may choose the option: Fix or “Fine-tuning” centring, Manual or Fix-Manual centring at the front or at the rear of the crosshead.

Associated to the crosshead series, the maintenance modules ETEL save time and reduce risks and wear: Cleaning process and exchange of tooling will be done easy and safe.

Either standard crossheads or specific devices, Erocarb is focused on customer’s needs.

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