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NPS Spools: Compatibility protected by RFID

The NPS double spooler SV 402 D and transportation device with empty and filled NPS multiway spools

More than 20 years ago Niehoff, technology venture and one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of machines and lines for the wire and cable industry, developed the highly efficient, safe and cost-effective reusable packaging system NPS for automotive cables. Simultaneously, Niehoff produced the fully-automatic double spoolers for insulated conductors. These spoolers are operated in line with extrusion lines and feature a reliable and safe changeover from full to empty spools at full production speed (Nonstop Production).The NPS system guarantees a safe and cost-effective transport of automotive cables and highest, tangle-free pay-off speeds in front of fully automatic crimping machines for all materials and conductor cross sections. Empty spools are dismantled and stacked into one another ensuring a low-cost return transport to the cable maker. In around 20 years a pool of more than three million NPS spools, which are compatible with each other, has come into being worldwide. No matter which spools are returned, they always fit together – an invaluable advantage. To protect the NPS spools also in future from foreign spools which are not compatible with NPS, Niehoff has protected the system for a long time. By the way, in the last few years the Federal Court of Justice has ruled in several decisions that the improper insertion into a foreign series has to be regarded as an anticompetitive practice. From June 1, 2014 and on Niehoff will supply original NPS reusable spools with a built-in RFID transponder system – at no extra cost. By means of this transponder NPS users can identify if the spool belongs to the system, either at their incoming goods department or at the Niehoff NPS double spoolers. Moreover, the RFID transponder simplifies spool labeling. As the spool identification is stored in RFID no label is needed. Niehoff has also applied for industrial property rights protecting this development and expects to receive that protection soon. Additionally, a five-year warranty for NPS spools equipped with RFID transponders is offered by Niehoff – also free of charge for the users. NPS is the world´s only packaging system for automotive cables made of copper, copper alloys and aluminum which allows trouble-free and tangle-free paying-off at highest speeds. Even signal cables made of copper alloys with a cross-section of 0.13 mm² can be processed with NPS without any problems. NPS users are well prepared for the future.

Fig. The NPS double spooler SV 402 D and transportation device with empty and filled NPS multiway spools

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