S+P Samson GmbH

Newly developed Structobond™ as an alternative to laser engraving.

At the Wire 2014, S+P Samson GmbH will present a new product: Structobond™. The exclusive innovation is an alternative to laser engraving. The epoxy resin based glue ensures resistance to extreme conditions. Durable, reliable identification for tools, rollers and other valuable inventory made easy! Costly investments for laser engraving machines are not required.

GRAPHITHERM® has been enhanced for the identification of continuous casting products. Labelling at an early stage, at temperatures up to 850°C enables reliable and full identification for heat and strand traceability. Thermal transfer as the printing system for GRAPHITHERM® is a quick and economical method for printing barcodes or full text. Automatic readability provides security for further processing. It ensures that the furnaces are loaded correctly for reheating. The fully automated application of GRAPHITHERM® tags by a robot ensures a high degree of availability and safety.

The use of tags with RFID technology in the warehouse provides reliability for loading and real-time inventory management. Radio frequency identification enables a continuous target/actual comparison for loading orders as well as determining locations when unloading coils in the warehouse. At Wire & Tube, S+P will present solutions that are used by companies such as ThyssenKrupp, Voestalpine and ArcelorMittal for their warehouse management. Whether items are stored outdoors or in a warehouse, whether they are loaded by fork lift trucks or cranes - RFID technology can be used to increase efficiency in many applications. Only automated identification and verification create real process reliability in material logistics. Here S+P focuses on the combination of the proven and robust tag materials which have been used in extreme conditions over many years and, RFID technology as an extra option that increases the benefit. As the latest innovation, S+P will show GRAPHIPLAST® tags with RFID for temperatures up to 310°C.

S+P Samson GmbH has been specialising in solutions for the metal industry for over 35 years. Trained consultants will assist you in the analysis of your requirement profile and in the selection of materials. Continuous development and the incorporation of new technologies ensure innovative products and solutions. Further details are available at www.sp-samson.com.

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