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Ambrell Expands European Sales Team

Ambrell, a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems, has added three sales managers and an internal sales employee to its European sales team. Ambrell recently expanded its European operation with a new regional headquarters, and now the organization has expanded its sales footprint to meet customer demand.

The following employees were added to the Ambrell team:

· Joachim Plust: Joachim has over 25 years of experience and has been a service engineer, heat treat specialist and sales manager for another induction heating manufacturer. His impressive mixture of technical expertise and sales experience makes him a great fit for the Ambrell team. Joachim will cover a territory within Germany.
· Roman Dillmann: Roman has a wealth of technical and sales experience and has worked with an array of medium- and high-frequency induction heating applications for another induction heating manufacturer. He will be responsible for a territory within Germany.
· Stephane Carrier: Stephane has extensive experience working with induction applications including hardening and tempering, and is fluent in French and Spanish. He will be responsible for  France. He previously worked for another induction heating manufacturer.
· Nick van Helden: Nick will support sales efforts, order processing and other duties which will enable the sales team to maximize its time in the field. His addition grows Ambrell’s internal sales team.

“The expanded sales team enables Ambrell to better meet the needs of the European market,” said Bruce N. Stewart, Managing Director of European Operations. “We’ve had great success here in Europe, which necessitated additional investments including the move to an expanded regional office. Expanding the sales team with sales managers in Germany and France was a natural way to meet increasing demand while serving our customers locally.”

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