pi4 gets orders from Mexico, India, France and South Africa

Photo © pi4_robotics GmbH

pi4 gets orders from Mexico, India, France and South Africa © pi4_robotics GmbH

The Berlin based enterprise specialized in quality testing and monitoring systems for pv-module manufacturing, received several orders for electroluminescence testers from Mexico, India, France and South Africa in the third quarter of 2014.

From Mexico alone came an order of six fully automated EL inspection systems. Thomas Manke, head of the solar department at pi4:

"Our EL systems have convinced customers with the accuracy of automated inspection of multicrystalline solar cells but especially with new features like Power Loss Estimation".

This in-house developed and patented technology provides a prediction of power loss for solar cells and modules based on already existing defects, especially so called micro cracks. Micro cracks can cause power loss by disconnecting cell areas from current flow.

"After the severe crisis in the solar industry and the outsourcing of production from Germany, we are now operating on a global scale" explains Manke. The demand for PV modules is rapidly growing worldwide and with that the need for quality testing and production monitoring systems.

Source: pi4_robotics GmbH