Visitor statements wire 2016

Ismail Koc
Ismail Koc, Turkey
Together with his brother from Istanbul Mr. Koc comes to the wire. He meets his suppliers and gathers information on new equipment. His brother's company produces cables. "I will compare the suppliers and get an overview of the quality."
Yasuo Ito, Japan, Source: Messe Düsseldorf
Yasuo Ito, Japan
Mr. Ito is followed as every time an invitation of his suppliers. He is a general manager of an overseas engineering company for power cable. He enjoys the days at the wire. "Compared to recent years, much has changed in particular the size of the trade fair."
Foto: Powel Borys, Poland
Powel Borys, Poland
Mr. Borys takes the opportunity on the wire to make new contacts. He also finds many suppliers for his company which produces fences. With great confidence he has come to Düsseldorf because the fair "is very, very big."
Photo: Markus Keggen, Germany
Markus Keggen, Germany
"We are enthusiastic about the trade fair”, tells Mr. Keggen. He comes along with his colleague for the third time to Düsseldorf. He is a foreman at a cable production company and would like to meet the wire suppliers and check the measuring instruments.
Foto: Barbara Kubitz, Germany
Barbara Kubitz, Germany
For the first time Mrs. Kubitz is a visitor of the wire. She works in the metal industry in the production of screws and she wants to "meet with our existing suppliers" at the fair. It is the great international diversity, which makes the fair so specific.
Photo: Michael Maier, Germany
Michael Maier, Germany
"I can get to know different manufacturers and can compare them directly to each other," replies Mr. Maier, when he was aksed why he came to the wire for the eigth time. He works in the spring industry and uses the wire to advance his customer contacts. He welcomes the large numbers of international exhibitors.
Photo: Wang Shuo Jun, China
Wang Shuo Jun, China
"Compared to other fairs the wire in has an hugh international focus" says Mr. Jun from Shanghai. He visits the trade fair since many years. With great interest he pursued new technologies in the field of copper wire.
Photo: Dieter Adam, Germany
Dieter Adam, Germany
For Mr. Adam it is important to gain an overview of new features. His company Sipal has its main focus in the field of wire processing industry. Here it is simply to maintain existing contacts because "on the wire I meet 80 % of my customers and suppliers."