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© transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH

Pipe processing, faster and more economical


When the requirements are complex, a solution is required that provides dynamic and diverse results. And sometimes, this can also lead to several results, like in the case of transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH’s current project.
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© rff Rohr Flansch Fitting Handels GmbH

Sharing knowledge and experience


All companies worldwide have a degree of know-how that they require in order to succeed in their market. Knowledge such as this is often personal, anchored in the heads of employees.
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© SEMIKRON International GmbH

Twenty years of innovation in the power electronics world


With more than 35 million modules in the field, MiniSKiiP has changed the world of power electronics. It is the first module available with pre-applied Thermal Interface Material, as well as one of the first industrial standard modules with Silicon Carbide.
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© thyssenkrupp

Innovation potential for the key markets


thyssenkrupp’s newly opened TechCenter Additive Manufacturing has now started mak-ing customized products from metals and plastics in a single digital process.
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© Steeltec Group

From innovative material concept to high-performance steel solution


Special steels and high-tech industrial components have something in common: they both have to be of high quality and they both have to deliver long-term high performance.
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Technical cleanliness in assembly processes


Prevent particle contamination of sensitive screw assembly components with the universal concept for technical cleanliness in assembly
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© Rheinmetall Automotive AG

One Group for leading mobility and security technologies


Rheinmetall is pushing ahead with its integration as a Technology Group. Under the name ONE Rheinmetall, management has mapped out a comprehensive strategy program.
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© transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH

Automation - The question of suitable handling


The trend towards flexibility in machining processes with a high degree of automation is still clearly enduring in many sectors. Nonetheless, with all the innovative strength and performance power of such systems, we still have the question: When and how does it make sense to automate? And, is the robot a means to an end or the deciding factor?
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© Institut für Integrierte Produktion Hannover (IPH) gGmbH

Workplace ergonomics


Researchers in Hannover are about to develop a camera system which observes assembly workers and warns them of unergonomic movements. Companies can use the system to maintain their employees’ productivity permanently.
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© Friedrich Münch

Reliable protective clothing with high-grade steel wire


Friedrich Münch GmbH is leading producer for personal protection clothing and equipment made of stainless steel wire. To ensure the cut and stab resistance of the ring mesh is reliable, the stainless steel wire must be consistently easy to work and perform to spec.
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