The new cable gland HSK-K-Ex-Active

Hummel fulfils the tightened requirements in hazardous areas

© 2014 HUMMEL AG

The HUMMEL Cable Gland HSK-K-Ex-Active fulfils the requirements in hazardous areas. © 2014 HUMMEL AG

The Hummel AG presents a new range of cable glands, the HSK-K-Ex-Active. In doing so the company has extended its extensive programme for hazardous areas.

The new product line has been developed for the ignition protection category Ex-e, because it complies with the tightened requirements in the new EN 60079-0:2012. This norm requires a high degree of shock resistance after a four week thermal aging process.

The Hummel AG cable glands fulfil these tougher requirements and that without the necessity of mechanical protection of the cable glands. This has become possible by using a special polyamide with the fire protection class V0 according to UL94.

In combination with the well-known and proved advantages of the HSK-K-Ex-line these cable glands are ideal for use in hazardous areas. The chamber seated sealing gasket and the standard O-ring in special chambers for the housing ensure outstanding leak tightness.

The required tensile strength is guaranteed by overlapping clamping splines. This well-known Hummel AG clamping spline system has proved its worth in many applications with the highest requirements.

Source: Hummel AG