Superior Essex announces that it is the first company in the telecommunications cable manufacturing industry to offer Health Product Declarations™ (HPDs), which can be used to obtain a point in the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification process for building projects. The newly published HPDs, when combined with the previously announced Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), make it possible for Superior Essex cable products to contribute towards two (2) LEED points for a single project.

A Health Product Declaration (HPD) is a report of product contents and the impact of ingredients on human and ecological health. The HPDs were issued in accordance with the Health Product Declaration CollaborativeTM open standard, which provides a common framework for disclosing information about the ingredients and associated health risks in products that are permanently installed.

“Superior Essex is committed to being the industry leader in environmental sustainability and with that role comes the responsibility to provide full disclosure of any health risks from our products. Additionally, we are pleased that these HPDs can be used by architects and designers in making fully informed decisions regarding the communications products they select for their projects,” says Eric Perry, Vice President Applications Engineering and Quality at Superior Essex.

“As architects, designers, and project teams continue to focus on occupant health and safety, HPDs are becoming a necessary tool in manufacturers’ transparency strategies,” says Tad Radzinski, President of Sustainable Solutions Corporation. “By releasing these industry-first HPDs, Superior Essex demonstrates its commitment to offering sustainable products and cements its role as a market leader.”