New standards for foam seals in the electronics industry

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Fermapor® K31 foam seal with flame protection is used in places where the strict US fire safety regulations set out in UL 94 HF-1 for the sealing of control cabinets apply © Sonderhoff Holding GmbH

Nowadays, the life veins of highly automated industrial production come together in the switching cabinets used in the electrical distribution and control and safety technology of the production systems. The sensitive electronics involved are given the best possible protection against faults and mechanical damage by the control cabinet body.

But the control cabinet needs to be sealed off too. This is where the 2-component Fermapor® K31 polyurethane foam sealings from Sonderhoff Chemicals come in. They seal off the control cabinet body and doors so that dirt, dust and moisture are unable to penetrate the interior and damage the electronics. The faults that such effects can cause could result in production downtimes that are invariably associated with high costs.

Sonderhoff Chemicals develops and produces special sealant materials for polyurethane foam seals used in a variety of applications in the context of control cabinets and electronics housings.

They offer a wide range of characteristics according to the specific type of material selected: short assembly and tack-free times thanks to very fast reacting Fast-Cure foams, high flame protection compliant with fire safety standard UL 94 HF-1, suitable for indoor or outdoor use, excellent elastic recovery properties of the foam seals following compression and excellent sealing properties based on testing classifications defined by NEMA for North America or the IP classes (ingress protection) in Europe.

These sealing properties increase the protection of electrical and electronic components in control cabinets against dust, rain, splash and stream water, as well as fire.

Source: Sonderhoff Holding GmbH