REXIO sealing as "new standard"

EPDM and silicone special profiles at no extra cost


„Mundstücke“ lassen sich einfacher fertigen © REXIO GmbH Co. KG

Immediately provides REXIO ( such measure products without any additional costs for tools and individual production of: The special profile becomes the new default profile - accounts for the difference.

"Downer at the degree-production have been the additional tooling costs," explains Jürgen Zimehl, CEO of REXIO. "For the first time we have now succeeded in the tool-creation effort to minimize such an extent that the costs are negligible - and no longer be calculated. Use of the latest, innovative technology and improved raw material formulations allow this in their interaction".

"Mouthpieces"are easier to manufacture, in particular through more uniform course of extrusion systems eliminates the previously time-consuming rework - the finishing touches to the" mouthpieces", that of the tool for making represent profile. Terms such as "Standard Profile", and "special sections" are actually so history - because the user receives degree profile for a standard price. Minimum amounts are similar to those for standard profiles: With silicone and silicone foam profiles 100 meters, in fluorosilicone profiles 50 meters, with EPDM profiles 500 meters.

Source: REXIO GmbH Co. KG