Laser power measurement in the kW range

Large-format high-power detectors


Laser power measurement in the kW range © 2015 LASER COMPONENTS GmbH

Gentec-EO's HP series of multi-kW detectors is now even better. Choose between three standard models: up to 4 kW, up to 12 kW, or up to 10 kW with a cone reflector. For still higher laser power the Super HP series was introduced.

Both of the standard models can handle up to 10 kW or 25 kW. The effective aperture amounts to 280 mm x 100 mm or 210 mm x 210 mm. On the German-speaking market the products are exclusively available at LASER COMPONENTS. Here you can also place requests of apertures of up to 400 x 400 mm or detectors for even higher power.

The high thermal stability of these products is unique; no other detector in this power range is so unaffected by temperature fluctuations in the cooling water.

All detectors introduced here can be connected directly to a Windows PC via a USB 2.0 interface. The corresponding software is included in delivery. In addtition to the USB interface a DB-15 connector connects to all Gentec-EO monitors.