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Manufacturing processes are changing


Carsten Merklein is head of the Additive Manufacturing Department in the area of tool management and prototypes at Schaeffler Technologies. In this interview, he talks about his goals in the board, the potentials of AM technologies in automotive engineering, and about additive process chains in the year 2030.
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"I need transformation, not change."


Interview with Frank Hüttemann, Managing Director of the B2B agency PSV Marketing GmbH
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Industy 4.0 is an important step into the connected future


3 Questions to Benedikt Hümmler, managing director, engineering/production at transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH
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Successful appearance


3 questions to Michael Allexi, rff Rohr Flansch Fitting GmbH
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Productivity gains are important


Three questions to Andrew Kalnow, chairman & CEO of National Machinery LLC and NM Group Global LLC
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Steel innovations for plastic injection moulding


Three questions to Daniel Frie of Deutsche Edelstahlwerke
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Customer-oriented development and problem-solving skills will be successful


Three Questioms to Michael Gottschalk, Technical Manager Schoeller Werk
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“Profit and growth is our motto”


A conversation with Peter Bilstein, the managing director of Schoeller Werk, about the location of the company’s headquarters in Hellenthal, the competition from Asia and the future development of the company.
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You have to see the big picture


Internet and modern technologies are increasingly shaping the production industry. A conversation with ASMAG-CEO Johann Vielhaber.
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