Hand-held marking system FlyMarker ® PRO

Mobile marking solution to identify work pieces

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Until a few years ago the identification of the work pieces at the company Metallbau Sonnleitner e.U. in Böheimkirchen/Austria was not a big issue. The rising metal construction company in the region of Wien was founded in the year 1990 and currently employs approx. 40 people.

The company manufactures all kind of steel-, stainless steel- and aluminum constructions as for example aluminum windows and aluminum gantries, carports, stainless steel railings and expansion-joint profiles for the building construction and civil engineering. Also constructions and productions of several customer-specific machines as well as job order productions are part of the portfolio.

So far technicians and engineers were able to assign the work piece to the corresponding drawing after years. If there was still a danger of confusion the work piece was marked with primitive methods as for example with center mark punches or using an engraving pen. These marking methods are time consuming, visually not appealing and not very precise. Furthermore, the use of punches means a high risk of injury.

On the basis of standards and regulations as for example the construction standard EN 1090 which is recently valid, a total quality management is required. With this new standard the demand of part markings and a clear labeling of the products are increasing.

The determining factor for the purchase of the modern and 100% portable hand-held marking system FlyMarker® PRO was finally the development of the new product of the company Metallbau Sonnleitner e.U. - the automatic tool management system. Single hand tools can be administered electronically and it is clearly visible which tool is located at which employee at any time.

The additional needed time is minimal but the advantage for all is enormous. A clear and durable marking on every tool is essential for this procedure. Due to safety- and cost aspects a laser marking system was not an option and when comparing dot peen marking systems, the battery operated hand-held marking system FlyMarker® PRO was the clear favorite.

The mobile dot peen marking system is very compact and no cables hamper or endanger the work. The modern software of the FlyMarker® PRO can be operated easy and intuitively and with the optional column frame it is possible to convert the hand-held marking system quickly into a table marking system. With this it is also possible to mark small work pieces simple and precisely.

In the meantime the marking system FlyMarker® PRO is established at the company Sonnleitner and is used for several different tasks. For the marking of job order productions of turned and milled parts with the article number required from the customer. For the marking of cover plates and covering angles, that dispense with measuring the pieces at the construction site and during the order process.

Also on every new purchased hand drilling machine the company logo of the company Sonnleitner is marked into the plastic housing. With this mix-ups with the tools of other companies can be avoided and it also is an effective protection against pilferers. Of course also hammers, screwdrivers and all the other tools of the new, automatic tool management system have been marked durable.

The company Sonnleitner thinks it is perfect that the marking on steel is still visible after several post processes as for example a zinc coating. The marking force and with this the marking depth on the work piece can be adjusted individually depending on the work piece to be marked.

Source: MARKATOR Manfred Borries GmbH