The Eraser Company, Inc. manufactures an array of industrial-grade cutting machines that are suitable for a wide range of materials. Models WC302 and WC601A Automatic Wire and Tubing Cutters can accurately cut wire and flexible tubing to a programmed length and number of pieces. A variety of feed rates allows the operator to choose the correct rate for a given material to optimize production rate, repeatability, and accuracy of the cut length.

The WC302 can process tubing up to 1/4" OD and wire up to 12 AWG stranded or 14 AWG solid to a length as small as 0.050". This easy to use machine utilizes a guillotine style blade and a pinch roll feeding system.

The WC601A can cut tubing up to 3/8" OD and wire up to 10 AWG stranded or 12 AWG solid to a length of 0.10" or less.  This cutting machine uses an adjustable self-centering dual driven feed belt system coupled with an air-actuated cut-off blade. A bushing set is required based on the size of the material.

Programming is simple. A batching feature allows all variables for frequently run jobs to be pre-programmed. Up to 99 batches may be programmed.  The WC601A also features a kitting function, which allows for multiple batches to be cut consecutively. Up to 10 kits can be programmed.

These automatic feed and cut machines can also be paired with one of Eraser's dereeling systems such as the DE700 Compensating Dereeler, which can help improve the accuracy and productivity of the cutting machine.