Are you interested in reducing material costs and improving cable quality in your CV-line production?

Most likely you would be and we are more than happy to help you. Our Process Data Analyzer (PDA) is a new software for analyzing material consumption in your CV-lines, insulation layer centricities and periodic variations in cable dimensions. PDA can be used on your office computer or on the extruder platform with the Maillefer Process Support Unit PSU 6.

Reduce Your Material Costs

Single lab measurements may not tell you, how much money is wasted with excessive use of layer materials. With PDA you can remarkably save in material costs, as it tells you how much you can still reduce the cable layer thicknesses.

Save with Correct Centricity

Excellent cable layer centricity means savings for you. Yet again, single lab measurements do not give the correct picture. Using PDA gives you a full report by plotting all hit points in addition to illustrating the average layer centricity.

Maintain High Cable Quality

The cable diameter might have periodic variations, for example in insulation layer thickness or the cable’s outer diameter, but it is not clear why or where it comes from. With PDA’s Fast Fourier Analysis (FFT) you can trace the origin of the variation by finding another parameter, for instance temperature, which has the same periodic variation. These findings prove that they are the most likely cause of your cable diameter variation.

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